What is this thing?
I got tired of seeing people posting panoramas on Instagram or Facebook and not being able to see the whole photo. Those platforms just aren't made for viewing a super wide image. I decided to make a site that lets you easily upload a file from your phone or computer and upload it to a site optimized for panorama shots.

Who made it?
The site was made by Mike Bodge, a designer and programmer that runs BODGE.

How come it takes so long to upload?
Panoramas from your phone are like 10 different portrait photos stitched together. They tend to be around 10mb so they take a little while to upload. I'd recommend being on WIFI if you're having trouble uploading.

Why can't I shoot a panorama from the "Take a photo" screen?
Who knows? Apple has only enabled panorama mode from their native camera application. You need to shoot your panorama first before you upload it. Hopefully this changes in the next iOS update.

How come the progress bar doesn't move in Google Chrome for iOS?
Who knows? Seriously.

Are you going to come out with a native app?
I'd love to! It's potentially in the works.

Why is there a 4 in p4no instead of an A?
It's leet. Plus you try finding a good domain name these days.